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Our Mission


At Best Foot Forward, taking risks and making mistakes are part of the journey. We understand that success cannot be achieved without experiencing positive failures along the way. Students are encouraged to push the boundaries of their comfort zones and reshape their approach to challenges, so challenges are no longer obstacles, but rather opportunities.


The BFF curriculum is designed to help students build critical life skills through social and ballroom dance. During the program, our students cultivate the skills to overcome challenges in their academic lives, and the character traits to become great members of society. With the help of specially trained instructors, BFF students develop emotional maturity, learn how to respectfully communicate with others, build self-esteem, and reap the benefits of physical activity in a fun and challenging environment.


Students should leave the program having mastered BFF’s seven pillars for success:


  • Focus

  • Appropriate behavior

  • Attention to detail

  • Skilled observation

  • Responsive processing

  • Achievement

  • Confidence